Finale: Suspended Cymbal Roll Length/Clef Changes

I have looked through the forum for info on how to manipulate the length of suspended cymbal rolls in Finale, but can't seem to find the correct info.  The Sibelius thread has popped up several times, and it seems that there should be a similar achieve this in Finale. 

Also, when using layers to switch between a percussion part (concert combo A), and glockenspiel do I have to use the "Change Instrument" utility to achieve a clef/key signature addition/subtraction?  I can change the clef with the clef tool, but the key signature won't add in without changing the instrument.  Then when I go back the VDL templates aren't available through utilities to switch back to the concert combo.

Suspended cymbal lengths will depend upon how you notate the rolls. Using a tie will make it more difficult to hear the release.

When switching between pitched and non-pitched percussion it is better to use Change Instrument. This is because the percussion maps impact all layers of a staff.
Thanks Ted!

I resolved the clef/key signature issue.

The cymbal roll issue still eludes me.  I'm trying to write, and notate a suspended cymbal roll that is two measures long (168bpm in 2/4).  One with a choke, and one without.  I continue to have issues with the playback being incorrect in duration with accurate notation, or correct duration with incorrect notation.  Adding tremolos, ties, etc all make the roll longer. 

In the first roll of the .musx file it's a short suspended into a short suspended w/ choked release.  Normally I would notate the release with a staccato eighth note and tremolos to indicate a roll, but that significantly effects the duration. 

The second roll is just a short suspended roll.  As above I'm aiming to have them both be four counts long.

Any help is appreciated.
One solution for the cymbal rolls is to use 1 layer for notation and a second for playback. Mute the notation layer and hide the playback layer. This allows you to set the length of the roll to the duration of your choice.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.
I am also having issues with the length of suspended cymbal rolls in Finale 2014.5. If I use a true roll notation (with slashes), the roll always plays too long. I want to notate the roll as a whole note tied to an eighth note (with slashes on the whole note). I am using the "SHORT Cresc. Roll" input. I am using the template from Write Score. I've searched through several threads and have found no info to address this issue.
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