Sib 8.5.1 Possible Issue with Kontakt Player 5

After updating to a new computer and all new software I have come across and issue with Sib 8 not loading the Concert Band Combo and Cymbal Rack combo with the correct sounds. In the mixer when I click on the Program Name it only offers (auto) instead of the VDL 2.5 options. The Device is on Kontakt 5. Sometimes for Concert Band Combo it's using Rack A and for the Cymbal Combo it sems to only use splah cymbal.
Any idea what's happening here?
Are you certain that when you updated your computer, you placed all the necessary files from The Write Score Sibelius template where they're supposed to go? You may want to check with them about that stuff.

You may also want to double-check that when you updated, you have the correct VDL library installed. Identifying which version of VDL you're on is a bit convoluted, so here's an article that might help shed some light:
I know that I didn't do that. I just used a score that I know was created from the template. Along with my old computer were the files from the Write Score Sibelius Template and it's not accessible. I'm sure that this is the issue. I also didn't have the 7.0a update even with my old system. Looks like I need to just purchase a new one.
Any idea if I really need to use A Sib Sounds 7.0a template to run via Aria. I don't use Sib 7 sounds for garritan Marching Band 2 whrn I need Brass and woodwinds.
Can't I just create everything through the VDL 7.0a template? 
Keep in mind that if you're using a VDL template from The Write Score, it's reliant on some other accompanying files that should be installed (namely, the xml file or "sound set"). Only if the corresponding template sound set is activated in your Sibelius playback devices will the template function properly.

You might want to check with the folks at The Write Score to see if they have any options for you in recovering your lost files.

You should be fine with just a VDL 7.0a template. You'd just activate instances of your wind libraries' corresponding device (Aria) next to the devices you've activated for VDL (Kontakt).

Again, the folks at The Write Score likely have the answers you're needing. Hope this helps!
That's what I've ended up doing. Hugh has been a big help. In the process of either being able to get a resend of the template or I'll just purchase a new one.

Thanks for your help!
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