Korg NanoKEY2 Help

I am attempting to write a show where the tenor section starts off using dreadlocks, then switches to sticks.

I'm using a Korg nanoKEY2 with Finale 2014.5.  I'm certain that the problem does not exist with Finale or VDL but with the nanokey2 settings or how I'm attempting to use it. 

I'm in the correct octave of the keyboard where I hear rimshots, then I press and hold the MOD key and I hear rim clicks.  This tells me that the MOD settings are 0-31 for the rimshots (default) and when the MOD button is pressed and held down the MOD setting goes to 96-127 for rim clicks.

How do I set it for dreadlocks which are 32-63?

I just downloaded the Korg Kontrol Editor and I feel like I'm half way there but I don't know how to use it or how to save the settings or how to make them apply to the nanoKey2 while I'm using it in finale.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

That's one drawback to not actually having a physical modwheel that you can incrementally adjust between 1-127. You can "enter" the mod wheel change as a CC1 command into your score in Finale (using Finale's MIDI tool, or if you want to be clever, you can apply this C1 change as a playback function of a text attribute like "dreadlocks." It won't necessarily help you when you're simply fiddling via your NanoKey, but when playing back, Finale would instigate the change. I'm pretty sure the Finale template from The Write Score is designed to do this already, but you'd have to double-check with their documentation.
If you are using templates from The Write Score, first review the Read Me file, then in Finale check out the Text Expressions for Battery Instruments.

The current templates contain text expressions to handle this type of situation. The expressions are programmed to handle the Mod Wheel changes.
Found it in text expressions!  Thank you both for your help!
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