Marimba Defaulting to Tremolo

I am copy/pasting parts from a Sib 7 score that was sent to me into my VDL template (Sib 8.) and the marimba parts are defaulting to a tremolo sound regardless of note head, note length, articulation, etc. Not sure what's going on...

This seems to occur regardless of if I copy/paste the original part, or try and re-write the part from scratch.

Any advice?

I've definitely experienced this numerous times as well. I'm not sure what causes it, but maybe the guys at The Write Score might. I usually end up entering in a manual ~C1,1 into the marimba part to force the mod wheel down which seems to help.
Yeah, there's no telling what can be pulled in from another score. Go with Jim's ~C1,1 fix.
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