Transfer to new iMac - issues abound

I've bugged Bryan H. enough so I'll post here...

I purchased a new 2017 iMac, installed Sibelius 8.6.0, and attempted to use the Avid downloader to install the latest Sibelius Sounds, but it just won't download (I've tried everything I know how, but the darn thing just gets stuck around 30 megs). So, I installed the Sibelius 7 sounds from my discs (that's right - I have discs). They work fine.

When it came to VDL, I also used my 2.5 disc (yeah...again, a disc). Downloaded Kontakt 5, got everything loaded up. Then I followed the directions in my Write Score files to move the the correct xml to the correct folder. Bing bang boom. Bryan helped with all this.

HOWEVER - when setting up my playback configuration, I have it set as it appears with my other computer (a 2012 Mac mini, from which I am migrating) and I can't get BOTH VDL and Sibelius Sounds to work at the same time. I've tested them using the 'test' button and they both play temple blocks, piano respectively.

For instance, if I load VDL ONLY in the configuration, it works great. If I run Sibelius Sounds ONLY , IT works great. But at the same time? The program seems to pick for me, and it won't run them both. Sometimes it's a grand piano and a full battery, sometimes it's a wind ensemble and a duo player. Where's my emoji for this?

Did I miss something...did I not install VDL2.5.5 and that's the problem? The box with the DVD says it's 2.5.5....I'm sure this is operator error.

Someone (Jim?) show me the ways...

Thanks for everything, as always.
Hi Trey,

If your VDL DVD says it contains library version 2.5.5, you should be in good shape there. If you want to triple-check that you're actually running that version, here's an article that explains the various confusing ways library versions have been accounted for in different versions.

I've found that migrating systems (as opposed to just setting them up from scratch) can come with its share of wonkiness, and my hunch is that you may be experiencing some of this. What you're describing as your end goal is definitely doable and common. I'd suggest you delete any prior playback configurations (any that are deletable that is...I think the "stock" configurations aren't allowed to be edited/deleted), then re-set up the playback configurations you'd like to use, being sure that your Kontakt 5 instances are set to use the template's sound set (rather than the built-in "Virtual Drumline 2.5" sound set that comes included with Sibelius.
Jim -

Thanks for the assistance. Bryan let me know that sometimes Kontakt 5 can be a little 'choosy.' Oddly, the marimbas, xylos, and other front instruments were correctly assigned to Kontakt, but the battery sounds were assigned to Sib. 7. So he had me get into Sibelius, pull up the full mixer, and click in the green text boxes to manually load Kontakt sounds for the battery and Sibelius 7 sounds for the remainder of the score. I was able to save this configuration and now all works well (and super fast, too, on this new computer).

A friend of mine ran into the same issue - but he is having difficulty installing Sibelius 7 sounds, so he's stuck with sweet battery beats and a grand piano. We'll try and figure it out.

Love you guys. Thanks for this incredible product and for continuing to provide support.
That's interesting. I don't think I've heard that about Kontakt 5, though it's certainly a variable worth considering. Could be a specific version of K5 as well, and if you'd like to experiment with downgrading, Native Instruments is (for now) offering installers for 'legacy' versions [url=]here[/url]. Maybe try going to an earlier version of K5 (prior to 5.6.8).

I wouldn't rule out current versions of Sibelius 8.x as the culprit either. Typically, if you've assigned a template-flavored version of, say, a snareline (not Sibelius's stock snareline...this would be worth double-checking), and have the template-flavored sound set assigned to any K5 instances in your playback config, and double check that "(auto)" is assigned to corresponding tracks in the mixer, their magical auto-load thing [i]should[/i] load the correct patches.

Obviously, there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of, so thanks for being patient as you search out the true solution. I usually find it's something just have to trace all the little branches and components to be sure. Template/sound set/Sib version/instrument version assigned/library version/Kontakt version. It's a lot to follow!

Thanks for the kind words. It truly means a lot to know our users appreciate what VDL brings to the party, even when it contributes to a puzzle like the one you're experiencing. Keep us posted on your progress!
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