VDL 14 Template__Finale 25

So..I had this issue a number of years ago.

Recently upgraded to Finale 25 and am guessing I can still use the write score VDL 14 template.
All the sounds come out fine, but I can't figure out how to resolve the orange noteheads and not on spaces/lines that they are mapped for.
It's only on the Sn, Tn, BD, Cym, Rack Combo A/B...at the moment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Make sure that you have selected both a Percussion MIDI map and Percussion Layout. Both are found in the Score Manager.

The MIDI Maps are assigned in the upper window, far right side. If you don't see the column the use the Customize View button below the upper window, just below the right corner.

Percussion layouts are assigned through 'Notation', right side of the lower section of the Score Manager, near the top. Actually it should be very close to the Customize View button.

Hi Ted,

Thanks for responding. I have all those things in place (attached pic, to make sure)

I believe you helped me with this a number of years ago when I was on Finale 12/VDL 12 template. I can't remember the steps we took to resolve it, I kind of remember going thru certain folders adding/deleting things.
But whatever you did totally worked :)

Now that I upgraded to Finale v25, I'm having these same issues when I open this new template.

Thanks again for your help!!


Based on the image, you would need to select the percussion midi maps. They are in italics which means they were assigned in the original document but would need to be reassigned.

Try that then let me know how it works.
Hi Ted,

Yeah, I've tried that. Doesn't seem to work. When I click to reassign, the actual VDL program is not showing up. (pic attached) just the versions for finale, rowloff, etc..
I have everything loaded, it shows up in my Kontakt 5 player, sounds come out fine. Not sure what I am missing.

Thanks again, hate to be a pain..

I'm guessing that the either the preferences need to be trashed or that the XML files are in another location. Do the following:

1. in Finale from the Midi/Audio menu select Device Setup > Edit Percussion MIDI Maps > click the Device drop down menu > you should see the XMl files, if they aren't visible here the go to the next option

2. from your HD open the Library folder > Application Support > MakeMusic > Finale > MIDI Device Annotation > you should see the XML files here as well, if not go to the next option

3. from your HD open the Users folder > open your User folder > if you see a Library folder here go back to option 2 and work through the same steps, if the XML files are here but not in the root Library folder copy/paste, if the Library folder is not visible within your User folder then go to the next step

4. with your User folder open, go to View > Show View Options > near the bottom is a check box for making the Library folder visible > check that box then return to step 3 above

5. if the XML files are in both locations and still not visible as described in step 1 or through the Score Manager then, make sure Finale is closed > the go to > Users > 'your user folder' > Library > Preferences > find the file "com.makemusic.Finale.plist and delete it > restart your computer and open Finale > you may need to reset your preferences if you have set up non-default preferences

It should work at this point.


That was totally it my friend!!
It seemed to be a mix of having to delete the "com.makemusic.Finale.plist" and missing XML's. Found them, cut & paste, and BAM!!
I'll try and remember this when it happens again in another 4-5 more years, hehe.

Thank you so much Ted, much appreciated!!
I owe you a beer :)

Lee Hansen
Glad it worked.....again!!!!!

Let me know if you're header to PASIC this fall and I just might take you up on the beer.
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