Notes (non-pitched) not mapping correctly

I recently installed all programs on my new computer (see below) and the non-pitched percussion is not mapping correctly. I can still hear the sound, but it is mapping it according to the note on they keyboard rather than the percussion map. MIDI maps have been set and notation style has been set as well (see pictures). I double checked with the WriteScore Readme and VDL demystified, but can't figure this out. I've never had this problem before. Any ideas?

VDL 2.5
Finale 25
Kontakt 5
Windows 10
While you can set multiple percussion midi maps to a staff using layers, you can only assign a single percussion layout per staff. As long as you aren't attempting to have the different midi maps playing back at the same time, it is easier, and better, to use the Instrument Change Utility.

If you really need to have multiple midi maps sounding at the same time, the best option is to create a hidden staff for each midi map and layout and a single staff that has no playback and is used for notation only. This method will take a bit of time because you would need to change the notation to handle the different sounds. Possibly a percussion layout that has no percussion midi map assignment would work in this situation.

Even with only one MIDI map and percussion layout per staff, the notes are displaying as they would for a pitched instrument rather than according to the map. I've even tried the instrument change, but with no luck in getting the notes to display properly.
All set! It was a really weird issue I hadn't encountered with previous versions, but I figured it out. Thanks!
What was the solution?
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