New Laptop

I just upgraded to a new laptop and have the VDL 2.5 disc.  I installed the disc, but couldn't remember how to go from there.  Any information or video files on how to install VDL is helpful.  I have the Demystified DVD, but the info on installation didn't go into detail. 

I use Sibelius 7.1.

HP Envyx360
16 GB Memory


If you have your original VDL:2.5 DVD and your serial number, you should be able to install the library on your new system.

1. Read over this Knowledgebase Article and see if your VDL folder has all of the files in the correct location.

If you have an older copy of VDL:2.5, you might want to read over this KB Article about the Installer -

2. Next, you will need to register the library using Native Instruments Service Center.

You can download Service Center directly from Native Instruments at this link:

There's also an article about using Service Center here:

The new NI registration program is called Native Access. However, it currently is not playing too nice with third party plugins like VDL. So, use NI Service Center instead.

The software license allows for two installations on personal computers. If you go over that limit, your serial number will becomes locked and you will need to fill out a support ticket to remedy the situation.

You can contact VDL support here -

3. You will need to activate the library in Kontakt Player. The most recent version of Kontakt Player forces the user to use Native Access. So, you will need to locate a previous version of Kontakt Player. If you have trouble locating a previous version, just submit a help ticket using the link above.

4. Once you have completed those steps, your library should be authorized/activated and properly installed. Again, if you run into any issues along the way, fill free to contact support and I can help you there.

Best wishes!
Thanks Luke!
Hello Luke- I got everything activated and updated to Kontakt 5 to my laptop.  It shows VDL 2.5, but on the Library (Kontakt 5), it doesn't show this,
"~VDL Library v2.5.5" on the Instruments at the top.  Should that be shown?  If so, how do I get that?

John - I'm late to the thread here, but if you're still looking for info here (or if it helps anyone else), your best bet for getting your library updated to 2.5.5 would be to grab a downloadable "VDL Replacement" which you can learn more about here:

With that, you'll have the full 2.5.5 library with no need to fuss with a library updater.
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