Sib VDL and Writescore Template

Hey guys, I'm at my wit's end. I've searched and tried different things and nothing is wanting to work.

I have an Asus I7
              16 gigs
              Win 10
              Sib 7.1.3
              VDL 2.5
              Kontakt 5
              Writescore template.

After searching and searching I now have Sibelius recognizing VDL and Kontakt 5 in the setup options. The writescore template is now also an option, but I have no extra instruments as options, and none of the VDL sounds in playback.
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Have you fully explored the documentation that came with your template? Most often, there's something simple in your setup that's been overlooked. If you're absolutely stuck, I would recommend submitting a support request with The Write Score.
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