Problem with Instrument Switch in Concert Band Combo

Hey all,

I'm writing two rack parts that start with the concert band combo instrument.  The problem I am running into is when I go to change instruments on these staves (to something like Djembe or the Cymbal Rack) it doesn't change.  It changes somewhat on my keyboard but pretty much just plays hand crashes on all the notes on the cymbal rack.  The instrument change works on every other stave (I can get all the sounds and noteheads if I do it for marimba for instance), just not for the Concert Band Combo section.  Any idea what's up?
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My first two guesses:

1.  You need more instances of Kontakt loaded in your playback configuration.

2. There may be something in your working file that's gone wonky (that's the technical term). Try testing a similar scenario in a fresh, unused template file. Be sure NOT to copy/paste from your working file as that may introduce some variables like duplicate noteheads that could be the source of some of the wonkiness. Assuming you're using a template from The Write Score, those guys may likely have more advice since this sounds like something specific to your template.
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