Finale and Sibelius on the same MBP with VDL

Good afternoon Good Folks of the VDL Forums!

I'm trying to run a separate instance of both Finale 25 and Sibelius 8.7.2.

I am a long time user of Finale (since '95) and have VDL working properly in this instance.

The university where I teach prefers Sibelius and asks that I teach that platform. As such I would like to be able to demonstrate VDL in Sibelius as well.

The Problem: I have followed closely the step-by-step instructions and still can not seem to get VDL and Sibelius to work together in the way I can within Finale.

I will load in Sibelius all of the instances of VDL required for the projects I wish to work on/demonstrate, but when it comes time to employ the Write Score template and enter notes and have them playback, I get nothing that corresponds to what I entered.

So my question is this: Is there some issue deep "under the hood" in trying to run both Finale and Sibelius? Do I need to install separate instances of VDL for both of these platforms (which I have done, just checking)?

Or, is this simply another instance of user error on my end somewhere?

Any thoughts or suggestions will be met with great enthusiasm and appreciation!

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Hello Steven!

Sorry to hear you are having some problems integrating VDL with Sibelius. The process can be difficult at times.

You shouldn't have an issue running one install of VDL with Finale and Sibelius. Your authorization is for your hardware profile, not specific programs on the system. I don't know if I would recommend running both notation programs at the same time. You might experience some slow down. However, I have had both programs opened up in the past on a modest Mac system and did not experience a problem.

I would recommend you use the VST plugin if you are using a Windows system and the AU plugin if you are on a Mac.

I have a few questions about your setup.

1. Could you describe how you start using the template? Do you open the template file and then start working form there? Do you start with a blank score and load a House Style?

2. Can you post a screenshot of your Playback Configurations screen? What SoundSet are you using?

3. Have you made any custom alternations to the mapping? Just a brief explanation of what you have attempted would help narrow the possibilities.

Of course, you are welcome to fill out a ticket and I can help you there as well.
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