A fresh install on a new computer not working

I have a new-ish computer that I am going to install VDL 2.5 on for the first time.

I followed the steps:

1.) Downloaded and installed Kontakt Player 5
2.) I downloaded the VDL 2.5.5 update, and copied the files to the correct location from my VDL 2.5 Upgrade DVD (the 001, 002, 003 files)
3.) There is no "Add Library" Button on Kontakt Player 5.
4.) I downloaded Native Access.  VDL 2 shows up there as uninstalled.
5.) I cannot select the VDL 2.5 folder for Native Access to load, it says it is an invalid folder
6.) NI Service Center doesn't even show VDL 2.5 as an option.
7.) I tried "unregistering" VDL 2.5 from my old computer (but can't find out how).
8.) Now I have a lot of fragmented software between KP5, NI Access, and NI Service Center.

What am I supposed to do?  I have 2 attachments showing my issue.


Hey Robby!

You need to use Native Instruments Service Center to register the library. Native Access is the new registration program from Native Instruments. However, some users have reported problems registering VDL with NI Access. So, give Service Center a try and see if that does the trick.

You can download Service Center directly from Native Instruments at this link:

There's also an article about using Service Center here:

If you need further help, feel free to fill out a support ticket and I can help you there.

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