Old FInale file patches (Kontakt 2) to Finale v25 (Kontakt 5)?

Hi, all. After a four-year stint in admin, I'm returning full-time to teaching = more composing. I'm updating a chamber work I wrote several years ago, and at that time I was usinbg VDL 2.5 with Kontakt Player 2 loaded in Finale 2010.

Now I've upgraded computers and Finale to v25. I have installed Kontakt Player 5, and I suppose I should not be surprised that none of the patches I created in the original Final 2010 fine are now showing up in the new program/Kontakt 5.

Still, it sure would be nice. Can anyone give me any suggestions on how I could get them to transfer?

Blake Wilkins
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Welcome back to the VDL world!

Tragically, a lot of things have been updated during the past four years. Here is what I would recommend to get you back up and running.

1. Update to VDL 2.5.5. It only costs $15 and is the most recent version of the library. 


2. Update your VDL template by purchasing the correct template from The Write Score.


3. Here is the bad news, you will most likely have to go back in and reassign all of the samples. If the score is not too large, this should not take a ton of time.

You could try to reassign the patches using your current version of VDL:2.5. However, I have a feeling you may experience some problems. I would suggest getting everything updated and then reassigning the sounds.

If you have any problems, feel free to fill out a support ticket.

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