VDL/Native Access activation problems

Hi, all. I have not used VDL for four years. In that time I have replaced both my home computer and university computer. Last night I installed Kontakt 5 and Naive Access, and was able to get everything activated properly and working. Today I'm trying to set it up on my university machine, but VDL does not even show up in Native Access (or in NI Service Center). Is this because it is registered on another computer? Would this prevent it from even showing up in the NI activation programs? And if I no longer have those computers, what do I do now? I'm sure I did NOT deactivate VDL before getting rid of the machines.


P.S. A few more details.

1.) I have reinstalled VDL 2.5.5. on the subject maching according to the "FRESH INSTALL" instructions. VDL still does not appear in either Native Access or Service Center.

2.) VDL DOES show up on the NI webpage as one of my registered products.

3.) I am trying to activate on a new iMac, running El Capitan. I successfully activated VDL on my new home computer, which is a slightly newer iMac running High Sierra.

3.) Neither the website or the NI package give me any option to deactivate a computer.
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