Some Sounds Not Working


I am having issues with all of the sounds working with the Rack combos. The names of each instrument are displayed as I hover over certain notes but most of them are silent. Only a couple of the instruments make a sound. I have never had this issue until now. I'm running VDL 2.5.5 on Finale v25.5.0.259

When I opened Finale a couple days ago it went through an automatic update so that may have something to do with it. I'm just not sure how to figure out the issue.

Thanks for providing some good information. I just have a few questions that might help isolate the problem.

1. Are you using a template from The Write Score? Did you create the file from the template?

2. What setting are you using in the ScoreManager window? Do you have the correct Perc maps selected? Did you remember to select them again in the notation style box? Any chance you could take a screenshot of the ScoreManager window and attach it to your next post?

3. Can you open Kontakt Player from within Finale and locate the instance of Kontakt Player where you have the samples loaded? Do the sounds play inside of Kontakt Player?


Thank you for your reply!

1) I am using a template from Write Score. It's a template I use for all my marching band writing projects and one that I used last year but for some reason is creating issues now.

2) I've attached a screenshot of the ScoreManager. I do have the maps selected and selected them in the notation style box.

3) All of the sounds play just fine in Kontakt player.
Which instruments are not sounding?
I'm specifically trying to get Rack Combo A and B to work but only a couple of the instruments are working such as the shaker, 22" wind gong, and brake drum. Those are really the only ones working. Everything else is silent. And like I mentioned earlier, they all play correctly from inside the Kontakt player but as soon as i enter them in the staff they produce no sound, except for those couple of instruments that do work.
Using your screen shot from the Score Manager, are all of the Percussion staves set to the same instrument? My guess is that something in the Percussion MIDI maps and Layouts are not correct. The other place to check is the MIDI banks and channel assignments.
I ended up redownloading the templates and starting from scratch from those. It's all working now.
Good to hear it's working. Did you just replace the templates or start fresh with the ones in the Finale Templates folder?
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