Reassigning Sounds to Different Notes


I am trying to accomplish writing a ganza shaker and shekere part at the beginning of a marimba part so I don't have to have a separate percussion part. The staff is set up correctly to where they Latin Combo is at the beginning and switches to Marimba later on. The sounds are working great. However, I am trying to get the Latin Combo instruments to appear in the staff. Right now they are about 7 ledger lines below and above the staff. How do I reassign these instruments to be within the staff? Like on F5 and G5? I attached a screenshot of the way it looks on the marimba staff and another screenshot of how it looks in the percussion staff. I want to achieve the way it is in the percussion staff on the marimba staff.
You should do an instrument change. This makes the process much easier.
That's what I'm doing.
Presuming you're using the Change Instrument Utility, make sure you are also matching the midi bank & channel assignments, setting the Percussion MIDI map, and the percussion layout within Score Manager.
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