I know I am dumb but please help

Hi everyone and I have been using Sibelius for almost 20 years and writing for longer. I recently purchased Virtual Drumline but I am so frustrated about the money I spent and cannot get it into Sibelius. Yes I know it is not Virtual Drumlines problem but if I can't get it into Sibelius what is the point. I have spent literally 7 hrs yesterday and 8 hrs today scouring through websites, videos and all for nothing. I a the percussion director at Ohio State University Marching band and nobody there has a clue about Virtual Drumline. I have it downloaded into the new Kontakt player on a new Mac and using Sibelius Ultimate. When I go into "play" ,"setup", and create a configuration and click on sound set. . .VDL is never an option. How do I get the VDL stuff into Sibelius? I really appreciate the help. I bought the templates from write score, read all of the tutorials but nothing tells you the step on what to do right after you get VDL into Kontakt! Feels like I wasted money.
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Shoot me an email today at bill_castillo@sbcglobal.net and I can help you out.  I'll be home this evening and I can walk you through set up.
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