VDL sound set not showing up in Kontakt drop down.

Hello all,

I'm stumped on trying to get VDL loaded onto my work computer.

Specs. Windows 7 (64 bit)
Sibelius Ultimate
Kontakt 6
VDL 2.5
VDL sound set 7.0 (from The Write Score)

VDL appears to be properly loaded into Kontakt.
I've copied the VDL sound set XML into a sounds folder (which I had to create) at users/myname/appdata/roaming/avid/sibelius/sounds
Kontakt is properly routed and shows up in available devices

But then the VDL sound set doesn't appear in the drop down to select on the Kotakt player.

I've attached pictures to help convey what I have set up and the issue. 

I've done this a few times prior on my home computers with no issue. I do have full admin credentials on my work computer so I don't think that is the problem.

Any insights would be appreciated.

Thanks, Chris
Kontakt 6 is not compatible with your current version of Sibelius (which you didn't explicitly specify).

You have two options:

1) Update Sibelius to v2018.11 or higher; or
2) Downgrade Kontakt Player to v5.x. (Tapspace can help you get an installer).
Hi Hugh,

I'm on Sibelius "Ultimate" as mentioned in the original post, the most recent version of the software.

OK, I lied. I was on SIB 2018, but I'm not on SIB 2019.1 yet. I'm going to go ahead and update and see if that solves anything.
Update fixed it. Thanks Hugh.

(Note to self, do all the freaking updates first...)

What I was typing while Chris posted again:

Sibelius [i]Ultimate[/i], [i]Basic[/i], and [i]First[/i] are just model names. Their versions are still numerical (2018.11, 2019.1, etc).

Yes, updating to Sib 2019.1 will give you Kontakt 6 support.
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