Issues setting up VDL with Sibelius on Windows 10

Hello all,

I haven't used Sibelius in a few years, but I'm getting back into writing for drumlines and now I have the money to do it right. I bought VDL and the template from The Write Score, but there aren't any instructions included for Sibelius 8/Windows 10.  Registration for The Write Score forum is disabled, so I can't post this inquiry there.

I got Kontakt installed, the VDL library is on my machine, and Sibelius 8.6 is installed as well. The file path where The Write Score said to put the XML file doesn't exist on my computer (no AppData path) because it is on Windows 10, so I don't know where to put the file. I think this is why VDL/Kontakt isn't showing up in my Audio Engine options, so I am stuck there.

Any advice from people who have Sibelius/VDL set up on Windows 10 would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Trey

Go back to the [url=]TWS forum registration page[/url] and follow the instructions there to get an account setup.

AppData is a hidden folder, see

Hello Hugh,

Thank you for your reply.  I sent a message to the Contact page as your link suggested.

I have found the hidden folder and added the XML file.  However, nothing other than MIDI shows up in my Playback Devices still.  Do you have any advice?

You may need to manually place the Kontakt Player VST dll file(s) in the Avid VST folder. I don't have Windows 10 so I don't know where either of those things actually are.
Thanks, Hugh.

Would you mind telling me where you would find and place such files on your machine, and perhaps I can figure out the analog on Windows 10?  For reference, I have Kontakt 5 installed.

I did some digging and found these three files:

Kontakt 5 8out.dll
Kontakt 5 15out.dll
Kontakt 5.dll

Do you have a guess as to where I would put these, if they are what you're talking about?

I'm on a Mac.

Of the three files, all you need is the third one (Kontakt 5.dll). The others just clutter the dialog in Sibelius.

Somewhere there is an Avid VST folder. So perhaps in .../AppData/Avid/VST.

That should get you going on hunting it down.
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