Tenor Line too quiet

I thought a saw an old thread stating that the volume on the tenor line samples had been adjusted. But I cannot seem to find it.

I am using VDL in Dorico, with a lot of luck so far. But the tenor line is almost inaudible at a piano dynamic level. What (if anything) was changed? And is there a remedy to this?


I solved the issue, by finding the old threads (at the bottom of the page).  I used the Finale specific sounds in Dorico, and the balance seems a lot better.


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Sorry we hadn't replied to your forum post, Robby, but thanks for taking the extra time to report back with your solution. It's also great to hear that you're having success in using VDL within Dorico. Please feel free to keep us posted if you run into specific issues there since it's a newer system for a lot of folks and there may still be some kinks to iron out in how the mappings work. 

Jim Casella

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