Low Memory Nonsense

Hey all, haven’t been here in a while as things have been going great. Recently upgraded from a 2011 MacBook Pro w 4 gigs ram running sib 7.5 to a new M1 MacBook Pro running 16 gigs of RAM and Sibelius ultimate. When opening scores written on the old setup I get a low memory warning which says something like there are 27 patches loaded and 50 waiting to be loaded. It suggests switching to Sibelius sounds lite or reducing the number of channels in my VDL configuration. Is there a workaround? What gives? Surely I’m missing something, as this is the last thing I thought I’d be dealing with after the upgrade…

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The new M1 Macbook seems to be having a lot of problem recently, from its screens that are so sensitive that a slight press on it, it will never work. Do you still recommend buying this? 

That's also my problem right now. It seems a lot of users experiencing this low memory issue. 

Same issue here! Upgraded to a new Air Book earlier this year, running SIB Ultimate and within 5 minutes of working on a score the VDL sounds will cut out and I'll get the 'Low Memory - switch to a different Playback Configuration' page popping up. I'll reload a different playback config - then the whole cycle starts all over again. Seems to happen a lot after I Export an Audio file, but more or less randomly cutting out. 

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