Some instruments not showing up in Kontakt Player

Vitals: VDL 2.5.5 (installed in 2018), Kontakt 5 Player, Finale 26, iMac running Catalina

So in Kontakt Player 6 (in finale or when launched independently), several instruments are not showing up...namely, woodblocks, temple blocks, log drums. The Woodblocks folder only shows "Jam Blocks" (Image 1).

But the missing instruments are in the VDL folder in my Applications folder (Image 2).

If, in Kontakt Player, in chose "Files" from the menu, all the missing instruments show up, but those that were missing from the library show not format or size. Compare the info at the bottom of Image 3 (Jam Blocks) and Image 4 (Woodblocks). 

In looking over legacy posts, I considered deleting the library from Kontakt and reloading, but in Kontakt Player 5 I can find no options for doing that. 

Any ideas on what's going on and how to solve it?


Image 4.png
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Image 3.png
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Image 2.png
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Image 1.png
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