VDL Playback with Sibelius Ultimate

I recently had to migrate everything from an old computer to a new one and in part I had to start a subscription to Sibelius Ultimate.  Since then, I haven't been able to get Virtual Drumline to playback.  I have no problems when I open Kontakt in standalone or in another DAW.

The only clue to what's going on I can find is that when it's open outside of Sibelius, I can access and open the instrument and multi files per usual.  In sibelius however, I am unable to do this.  Where the drop down menus are, there's just one labeled 'browse' and the instruments and multis aren't accessible.  

Anyone else run into this problem?

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I am in the same situation and experiencing the same issue. The Product is installed and can be accessed in Kontakt but is MIA in Sibelius Ultimate.

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