Major operating system updates are definitely something to proceed with caution with - particularly when they're so new like Windows 10. 

Virtual Drumline is simply a library that loads into Native Instruments Kontakt Player. So whether or not VDL is going to be compatible with your operating system upgrade will depend on whether or not Kontakt is compatible since it is the actual program (or plugin) that runs on the OS.

Native Instruments has conducted compatibility tests with Windows 10 that have shown current NI products to work without any specific issues under this operating system. To ensure full compatibility, please install the latest software updates for all of your NI products.

Read Native Instruments' information on Windows 10 compatibility.

Also, read below for information from Makemusic (Finale) and Avid (Sibelius) about compatibility with Windows 10.

Makemusic: Windows 10 Compatibiltiy with Finale notation products

Avid: Windows 10 Compatibility with Sibelius