In Summer 2017, Kontakt Player 5.6.8 was released, which utilizes Native Instruments’ new registration program titled Native Access. While it is technically possible to activate older third-party libraries like Virtual Drumline 2.5 via Native Access, there are some quirks about it that make it less than ideal. To clarify, VDL is definitely compatible with Kontakt Player 5.6.8+, however activating it via Native Access (which is the default activation tool as of Kontakt 5.6.8+) is the issue.

As a result, here are the steps we recommend in order to activate your VDL library so you can ultimately use it in the latest version of Kontakt Player:

  1. Download a previous version of Kontakt Player 5 (prior to 5.6.8). Previous versions of Kontakt 5 Player can be located here. (You must login using your Native Instruments account information to access these legacy installers.)
  2. Install the legacy (pre-5.6.8) version of Kontakt 5 Player.
  3. Launch Kontakt 5 Player and add your VDL library to it by clicking the "Add Library" button and navigating to the location of your VDL library folder. You should now see that VDL appears in the Kontakt browser (in the left column).
  4. Activate your VDL library using Service Center (rather than Native Access).
  5. Quit Kontakt Player 5.
  6. Download the latest version of Kontakt 5 Player (5.6.8 or greater) and install it. It will overwrite any previous versions of Kontakt 5.
  7. Launch this newly-installed version of Kontakt Player 5, and you should still see your Virtual Drumline library appearing in the browser.

From this point, any future updates to Kontakt Player can be done via Native Access or Service Center. Your VDL library will remain installed and activated in Kontakt 5 as long as you don't change the location of your library folder.

If you have trouble locating a previous version of Kontakt Player, please fill out a support ticket.