Even though Tapspace downloadable sheet music products are delivered through the magic of cyberspace, legally they are considered the same as a physical piece of printed music. What this means is that if you forget to retrieve the product, or your hard drive crashes and you don't have a backup, or you get a new computer and accidentally trash the files, or your dog eats your printout (and you don't have a backup), you'll need to repurchase the product to replace it.

 Here are some suggestions for protecting your investment: 

1) Print your music right away and file it somewhere safe. Treat this product as if it were any other piece of physical merchandise you own. If you accidentally lose your sheet music in a wind storm, see step 2.

2) Back up your digital files. Most of us have experienced the horror of data loss. With a proper backup, you can simply access the files as you need them. If you lose any of the digital files associated with this product and you need them again in the future, you will have to purchase it again.

A lot of creative energy, time, and money goes into creating these items. We desperately count on our customers to purchase them legally. Please don't trade, transmit, or copy our products for unauthorized use.

 We sincerely appreciate your understanding and support.