To accommodate the pandemic-era virtual performance and adjudication requirements recently placed on K-12 music teachers and students, we are allowing the digital sharing of Tapspace copyrighted content for adjudication purposes only. Whenever possible, we ask that legally available "score only" options are used.

Additionally, we are offering gratis synchronization licenses for any associated video performances of the same content. No license fees will be required for video performances that are directly related to a solo & ensemble assessments during COVID-19.

The following guidelines are designed for a limited duration and scope to allow for student musicians to complete their state-level assessments. No recorded performance can be distributed outside of these guidelines unless they meet Section 17 U. S. Code § 110(D)(ii)(I)(aa) of the US Copyright Law.

  • Performances must be shared in as private of a setting as possible, and must be viewable by individual link only.
  • The performance can only be shared for educational assessment or state adjudication purposes.
  • The recorded performance must use legally purchased music.
  • Students or conductors must show the original sheet music at the beginning of their video. In the case of downloadable sheet music, students must show the first page of music, clearly displaying the copyright, and the full digital watermark at the bottom of the page.
  • Whenever possible, we ask that legally available downloadable "score only" options are used.
  • Adjudicators may receive a link to a digital copy of the music, but any ongoing access to this digital copy must be removed immediately following the adjudication.
  • Once the recorded performance has been adjudicated it must be deleted from any sharing platforms.
  • This special permission will expire on June 30, 2022.

We hope these accommodations are helpful. Once the June 30, 2022 deadline has passed, our normal extra scores options for adjudication will remain in place. We have worked hard to ensure it is convenient for our customers and fair for the composers who created the music.