Tapspace is currently accepting new submissions of creative works for percussion. 

We prefer digital submissions rather than hard copy, as this saves time, money, and paper! If you'd like to submit something for review, we require the following items:


  1. Full score in PDF format
  2. Program notes or brief synopsis of the work
  3. Performance notes (if applicable)
  4. Audio and/or video recording. Video is best for providing a realistic example of your work, even if the performance is less than stellar. For audio, we prefer live recordings for the same reason, but sequenced recordings will work as long as they have been made with a high level of realism. We do not consider Finale or Sibelius files to be audio recordings. 
  5. Brief bio
  6. Other information about the piece such as duration, personnel requirements, skill level, and whether the piece is original, public domain, or an arrangement of a copyright-protected work
  7. Valid email address


  1. Full realization of the book in PDF format, including:
    • Table of Contents
    • Front matter
    • All sheet music, text, and graphics placed (at least approximately where they should be)
  2. All supplemental audio and/or video recordings. If these elements are not available at the time of submission, be sure to provide mockup audio recordings and share your plans to produce higher quality or a complete set of recordings.
  3. Brief bio
  4. Other detailed information about the project that will help illuminate your intentions for it, the target market, etc. Please also address the target skill level and any information you might have about copyright ownership in the case of arrangements.
  5. Valid email address

We prefer that you host your digital materials via a shareable link to which you can grant us access. Services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive are good inexpensive or free options. Alternately, you can submit through a file transfer service like WeTransfer, but only once you've filled out the required form (see below). Please note: Submissions without all required components will not be reviewed.  


Your submission will go into a review queue which we review by order of receipt. This process can often take several weeks to a few months, so we appreciate your patience while awaiting a response. It's important to us to give each submission the care and attention it deserves.

Lastly, we are unable to offer a critique of your work. As much as we appreciate your willingness to accept feedback, there simply isn't enough time to allow for that level of interaction. We thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter. 

For information on how to put your best foot forward when submitting music for publication consideration, we encourage you to read our advice on submitting music for publication consideration.