If you need to access files from a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, but your current computer lacks an optical drive, you have three options: 

1 - Buy or borrow an external USB  drive. You can get one of these for roughly $20 on Amazon and probably even cheaper if you do some bargain-hunting on Ebay or Craigslist. It can be a handy item to have around if you have old CDs, DVDs, or older software that came on a physical disc.

2 - If you’re a Mac user, you can use the Remote Disc feature of OS X. The Remote Disc feeature allows you to share disc from the optical drive of another Mac, or from a Windows computer that has DVD or CD Sharing Setup installed. Learn more about that here.

3 - Copy the files you need onto a USB thumb drive. Using a different computer equipped with an optical CD/DVD drive, copy the files you need onto a USB thumb drive. Using this thumb drive, you can transfer them onto your new computer that way. 

4 - Replace your Boxed DVD version of Virtual Drumline with a Direct Download version. If you’re interested in replacing your Boxed DVD of Virtual Drumline with the Direct Download version, click here.

5 - Contact us to obtain downloadable parts of your ensemble or duet. If you're unable to use your included disc, contact us with proof of purchase, and we can arrange to provide you with downloadable PDFs of the individual part that would have normally been accessed via disc.