If you have a disk that has been broken or is lost, we permit registered users to purchase a replacement disk for $15 (VDL*) or $12.50 (print music) with free shipping. If you need to purchase a replacement, please select the appropriate replacement product and completely fill out the requested information.

Once we have verified your registration and processed your payment, your disk will be sent to you via USPS mail.

Please note: If you are replacing a disk for a software product like Virtual Drumline, you will not receive a new serial number. The new disk will work with your current registered serial number. We cannot replace VDL disks for users who have not registered with a valid serial number. 

Disc replacements are not available for the following items:

  • Virtual Drumline 2 (VDL:2)
  • Virtual Drumline Demystified
  • Let it Rip (DVD)
  • SCV Battery Auditions DVD (2009-10)

*Replacement DVD for registered Virtual Drumline 2.5 users may be requested in the form of a digital download in lieu of a physical DVD that needs to be mailed. The replacement fee still applies. 

** VDL:2 disk replacements are no longer available. That product has been discontinued since 2007. Click here for information regarding VDL:2 to 2.5 upgrades.