END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (EULA) FOR VIRTUAL DRUMLINE™                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

This licensing information shall constitute the full and complete, legally binding licensing information for Virtual Drumline™ by Tapspace Publications, LLC, and you, the end user. Please be sure to read this entire agreement completely and carefully.

The Most Important Licensing Thing To Understand:

THE SOUNDS IN THIS LIBRARY DO NOT BELONG TO YOU - THEY ARE LICENSED TO YOU. By purchasing Virtual Drumline, you have purchased a license to use these sounds in your own musical production or public performance. Unless a site license or valid multiple-license version was purchased, Virtual Drumline is a single-user product. Only the individual person who registers the product is permitted to use it. You are strictly prohibited from sharing your license with any other individual or organization by any means or manner.

What you CAN do...

You are welcome (and encouraged) to use these sounds in conjunction with any of your other sounds for the purpose of creating musical compositions (commercial or noncommercial) and/or recordings without any need to pay Tapspace (the owner of the sounds) or request permission regardless of how many times your recordings are sold or broadcast. Record your compositions as many times as you like. Share your recordings with your colleagues, students, friends, loved ones, pets, etc.

What you CAN’T do...

Tapspace Publications, LLC, is the sole owner of every recorded sample in this product, and you are absolutely forbidden to regenerate, duplicate, copy, upload, transfer, sell, download, distribute, reissue, or resell any portion of the enclosed sounds in any way to anyone. Furthermore, you are forbidden from modifying any of the sounds in this package for the purpose of selling, trading, or redistributing in any way. You may not rent, sell, give, auction, share, loan, trade, or reissue this library (by any means or manner) in any portion, complete or incomplete, to anyone. Do not sell, manipulate, or share these sounds in any way electronically or in any physical form.

Additional Virtual Drumline licensing terms:

(1) The Licensor grants to you a nonexclusive, nontransferable license to use the software in accordance with the documentation, subject to the terms of any educational or other discount, offer, or scheme which the Product may have been obtained under. Some components of the software may be subject to separate license agreements which you will need to agree to in order to use them.

(2) If the Product is a Single Copy, you may install the software on a single computer. You may also install a second copy on one additional computer, provided that you ensure that you are the only person who uses the software on either computer and that the software is never used on both computers simultaneously.

(3) If the Product is a Stand-Alone Site License, you may use the Software only as a non-networked application and only on the licensed number of computer terminals located in a single geographical site. For example, if you purchased a 5-User Lab Pack, you are permitted to install and authorize the software on five computers (and only five) in that one geographical location. Site License versions are not permitted to be used in more than one geographic location.

(4) If the Product is a Network Copy, you may only install the Software on computers on a single network and in a single geographical site (unless otherwise authorized in writing by the Licensor), and may use it on no more than the licensed number of computer terminals simultaneously. Any further use is prohibited.

By loading and installing the Product, you are agreeing to the terms of this agreement and will be legally bound by them.