NOTE: These are not compatible with VDL 2.5.

VDL:2 - Library Update Version 1.5 

August 1, 2006 - This is a free update of the instruments/multis for Virtual Drumline 2. This updater is primarily an efficiency bug fix release. It will be of no use to you if you don't already have a licensed copy of VDL:2. In addition to the many fixes included in the instruments, there are a few new features that we've implemented that will give you more options such as:

  • 2 new Rack Combo instruments
  • Fully sustained suspended cymbal rolls (with natural or muted release)
  • Improved functionality when using in Kontakt 2
  • Improved usage of default polyphony settings
  • Muted glockenspiel control
  • Many minor fixes to several instruments

Download the 1.5 library update for VDL:2 here. 

VDL:2 - Player Software Update to Version

June 21, 2005 - This is a free update to the VDL:2 Kontakt Player software which ships on your VDL:2 installer disk. It fixes a variety of minor issues including AU validation for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger users, and various features for ProTools RTAS users. The software update is available for all registered VDL:2 users when you log in to your Personal Update Manager on the Native Instruments website, or by using the free NI Service Center program which has a built-in "Update Manager". To check which version you're currently using, simply click the Kontakt Player logo in Virtual Drumline 2. Please note that Native Instruments no longer supports the "Registration Tool" program which came included with VDL:2. It has been replaced by the Service Center mentioned above. NOTE: This update is only for VDL:2 users, and not VDL 2.5 which uses Kontakt Player 2.


Native Instruments DFD (Direct From Disk) Extension version 1.2.9 

**For VDL:2 users only - not for VDL 2.5 The DFD Extension is an optional add-on to the VDL:2 Kontakt Player software. DFD stands for "Direct from Disk" and enables the VDL:2 Kontakt Player to stream sample data from the hard disk. This allows for less memory to be used when loading many instruments. Since it relies on your hard disk to quickly deliver sample data when called upon, it works best on systems with fast hard drives, and some extra RAM. Most users find installing DFD can be a helpful way to manage system memory. Choose your system version here to download the installer: