As of May 16, 2011, we stopped developing and selling VDL templates. We are counting on third-party developers to carry the torch on developing, implementing, and supporting these types of products. Why have we discontinued these? Please read this announcement

What is a template, and why do you need one? Check out this article.

VDL 2.5 Templates for Finale 2014+

Available from The Write Score.

VDL 2.5 Templates for Finale 2012

Available from The Write Score.

VDL 2.5 Template for Finale 2009-2011

Product Discontinued. 

The Write Score now develops Virtual Drumline templates for various versions of Finale.

VDL2.5  Template for Finale 2008

Version 1.0 update May 4, 2008 - will open in Finale 2008 or later 

VDL 2.5 Template for Finale 2007 

Version 0.9.9 update July 20, 2007 - will open in Finale 2007c or later

VDL 2.5 Template for Finale 2006

(version 0.9.9 updated July 20, 2007)
- will open in Finale 2006d or later