Our secure webstore payment gateway uses the Address Verification System (AVS) which is an extra security feature to help protect against fraudulent credit card usage. In order for your transaction to be successfully processed on our webstore, it's important that the BILLING address information matches exactly what your credit card issuing bank has on file for you. This is the address your statements come to. If you enter an incorrect billing address for your order, you will receive an error message stating that there has been an "AVS mismatch." When this happens, your store order will be marked as "failed," and we will not process the order or charge you for it.

One aspect of this process that can cause confusion, however, is that these attempted transactions can sometimes still appear (temporarily) on your online credit card statement. If you see charges for transactions that failed on our webstore, these are what your bank refers to as "temporary authorizations." What this means is that your bank has verified the funds are available and marks it as an "authorization" so the merchant (us) can process the payment if they wish. However, since the Address Verification System produced an AVS Mismatch, our webstore will not actually proceed with the process of capturing funds from this transaction, so the temporary authorization(s) you see will eventually just fall off your statement automatically without actually being finalized. This usually takes 1–3 business days to occur.

We realize this can appear confusing depending on how your bank statement displays these temporary authorizations. But rest assured, we will not charge you for any orders that failed to successfully process on our webstore. We urge you to take special care when entering the billing address for your order to ensure it will successfully pass the Address Verification System.

For more information on AVS, please visit this link.