DVD technology has come a long way since its inception but as a medium it is still not without inconsistencies. Continually changing methods of encoding DVD video, along with the rate at which players (both commercial and computer-based) are developing can mean that occasionally a particular DVD will not want to cooperate with a particular player. If you find that your Tapspace DVD will not play, here are some very common (and relatively painless) ways to troubleshoot the issue before contacting us and requesting another disc.


1. Is it the player and not the disc? We've found this to be the most common issue with DVDs. Our DVDs are replicated by top-notch facilities using state-of-the-art equipment, complete with a thorough series of checks during the process to ensure that the output is as expected. So the first thing to check would be to try playing the disc on another player. For instance, if you are attempting unsuccessfully to play the disc on a computer-based DVD drive, try it in a commercial deck model, like the one attached to your TV. If it plays in that player, then you will know the problem is not the disc, but an incompatibility or shortcoming of the computer's DVD drive. As irritating as that can be, it is still quite common.


It may also be worth it to verify that you do, in fact, have a DVD drive in your computer if that is where the trouble is. Older computers may only be equipped with a CD-ROM drive. Check your computer's specifications just in case!


2. Is the disc scratched? Our discs are all hand-inserted at the replicating factory, so the likelihood of one arriving at your door new in the box and scratched is not high. However, strange things can and do occur during the shipping process, so if your disc did arrive scratched, please contact us at orders (at) tapspace.com for a replacement.


3. Is the disc dirty? Sometimes a DVD disc can become dirty over time with contact smudges. Try softly cleaning the bottom of the disc with a little window cleaner on a soft towel. Don't rub too hard or you risk scratching the disc. An alternative would be to use a little warm water and dish soap. You can just use your fingers to clean the underside of the disc this way. Be sure to allow the disc to completely dry before attempting to play it again.


In the event that none of these simple methods works, or that the DVD does not play in any available DVD player, then it is likely we will need to replace it. Please contact orders (at) tapspace.com to obtain a replacement.


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