There are a few reasons why you may not have received a download key for electronic merchandise you've purchased from the Tapspace webstore.

1) Payment must be processed first. If your payment has not yet processed, you will not receive your download key. Payment processing is generally instantaneous when paying by credit card. However, PayPal orders may take a day or two to clear. Also, orders paid via check or money order must be received and processed prior to your order being completed.

2) Check your email. This is where your download key is sent.

3) Did you enter your email address into the order correctly? You can check by logging into your account on our webstore and viewing your past orders. If your email address was entered incorrectly, please contact us by email so we may assist you.

4) If you paid successfully and still haven't received an email containing your download key, it's possible that your email system is filtering the message as junk mail (aka "spam"). If you have a "junk mail" folder that contains recent messages that have been filtered, check there first.

If you find the message there, please mark the email as "Not Junk" and add to your email address book. This may help prevent future emails from Tapspace to get accidentally filtered. Hotmail accounts seem to have more problems than others in regard to misguided spam filtering, so we do recommend adding our email address to your address book prior to ordering.