Our products are delivered in a variety of ways. This is specified on each product page where it says Formats Available. The majority of our catalog is available in either physical or download formats (or both if you choose to add a download to your physical purchase).



These are items that will be physically mailed to the shipping address you provide at the time of checkout. Any supplemental materials (i.e., printable PDF parts, audio backing tracks, reference audio, etc.) will be delivered via a personalized download code (or included on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM affixed to the back inside cover of the score). 

As an extra courtesy to customers ordering directly on Tapspace.com, we include download links to these same supplemental files in the delivery confirmation email you will receive following the successful completion of your order.* This will provide the additional benefit of being able to pass out parts to students immediately while you wait for the physical score to arrive in the mail. 

International customers concerned with shipping costs should check with one of our International Dealers to see if they can accommodate you.


Downloadable products* will be made available to you immediately following your purchase. Download links can be found in the delivery confirmation email you receive or by viewing your Order History. If you do not see the order confirmation email immediately following purchase, please check your spam folder to see if it landed there.

Products with large file sizes (e.g., Virtual Drumline) will be distributed through an application called the Connect Installer by Continuata. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive two separate emails: 1) your purchase receipt, and 2) the Connect Installer instructions and a code you can use to access your files. Please save this code in a secure location. You will need it to re-download and/or register your software.

If you are having any difficulties obtaining your files, please let us know right away. We're here to help!

*Due to licensing restrictions, certain pieces (along with any supplemental files) are only available in physical format.