We recognize that there are many grading systems out there. The classifying of skill/grade levels is not often a standardized practice and can vary by region. While very general, here is a rough guide to our skill level classifications:

  • EASY (yellow cover): Elementary to middle school
  • MED-EASY (green cover): Middle-school to early high school
  • MEDIUM (blue cover): High school
  • MED-ADVANCED (purple cover): Advanced high school to early college
  • ADVANCED (red cover): Collegiate

We have a fair amount of experience in submitting our pieces to various state prescribed music lists (Texas, Missouri, and Florida, for example) as well as other grading rubrics, so we definitely have a high level of familiarity with what those organizations consider to be easy, intermediate, or advanced. This is something we keep in mind when assigning the level of difficulty to a new piece of music. We're also aware that the topic of grading is in itself quite subjective, which is why it's difficult to create a rubric that acts as a catch-all. 

This is one of the reasons we've made the pieces available on our website highly transparent and searchable. We want you to be able to find exactly what you need and make the most informed decisions as possible. There are 14 filters you can apply to any listing page to filter for aspects like level, number of players, duration, number of available marimbas/vibraphones/timpani, and many other variables. On product pages, you can view the content of each piece by clicking the LOOK INSIDE link directly above the cover and ascertain whether it will suit your ensemble's level of ability. Live or realistic mockup recordings are available for most pieces, as well as an ever-increasing number of quality video performances.