If you'd like to use music from the Tapspace catalog in a video project for broadcast, film, advertising, industry, etc., we're happy to tailor a synchronization license (commonly called a "sync" license) for your needs. 

Please follow these instructions to request a synchronization license for broadcast, film, advertising, industry, etc.

  1. Fill out the form below completely.
  2. Once we receive your request, you will receive an invoice for your license fee.
  3. Once the license has been paid in full, we will return a completed contract to you indicating the license fee, copyright credits, and terms.
  4. The contract must be signed, dated, and returned to us. Once we've received the signed copy, the license will considered complete. 

Note: If you need a synchronization license for online use (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, website, etc.), please visit this article instead. We use a different form for those types of requests.

*Note: If you are seeking a synchronization license on a piece for which Tapspace is not the copyright holder, we will be unable to execute a license. Instead, please make your inquiry with the corresponding publisher or rights administrator. You can see who owns the copyright of the piece in question by viewing the copyright notice on the first page of the score.