Virtual Drumline is a software instrument (often called a "virtual instrument") containing high quality percussion sounds. Sometimes this type of product is referred to as a "sample library" meaning the library of sounds in VDL are actual recordings (samples) of real percussion instruments played by humans.


The collection of instruments and playing styles available in VDL is vast, ranging from full marching drumline sections (and soloists) as well as a huge array of orchestral percussion instruments, mallet keyboards, world percussion, accessories, effects, and nearly anything percussive you can think of.


Virtual Drumline is designed to be used by composers, arrangers, music teachers, or students in conjunction with other music composition software. Virtual Drumline provides the lifelike sounds while the composition software is used for the compositional process.


Across the globe, people use VDL within notation software programs (like Sibelius™ or Finale™) in conjunction with notation templates to harness the power of unpitched percussion mapping. Using these tools unlocks the full range of options available from VDL.


The first rendition of Virtual Drumline was released in 2003. Since then, it has undergone numerous revisions and improvements and holds steady as the world's most complete marching and concert percussion software instrument.

For more information on the details of Virtual Drumline's library, including demos, system requirements, and more, visit the product page here.