The majority of our music catalog is now available in both Physical and Download format. You may also elect to receive many titles in both formats. Physical delivery comes in the form of a printed folio and an accompanying CD-ROM affixed to the back inside cover containing printable individual parts, audio reference(s), and any other supplemental files relevant to the piece. The Direct Download option provides PDF copies of the sheet music and all other supplemental files relevant to the piece.

The orange PHYSICAL & DOWNLOAD buttons will allow you to quickly select your preferred delivery format. The package selection menu allows you to choose the following options:


  • Physical score & parts
  • Physical score & parts (add download)
  • Physical score only
  • Physical score only (add download)


  • Download score & parts
  • Download score only

If you are in a country other than the USA and are concerned with shipping cost, please check with one of our International Dealers to see if they can accommodate you.

For more information about delivery formats, please click here.