Mac users that use Kontakt Player as a VST or AU plug-in may experience an issue after updating to Kontakt Player 5.6.5. After updating Kontakt, DAW and notation software may no longer recognize Kontakt. Version 5.6.5 is only available as a 64-bit plugin on Mac. Host programs that are 32-bit only or are running in 32-bit mode will not recognize the most recent version of Kontakt Player. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem.

Solution: Locate a previous version of Kontakt Player and downgrade to Kontakt Player 5.5.2 or lower. Older versions of Kontakt Player will recognize 32-bit plug-ins on Mac.  

Previous versions of Kontakt Player and more information about this issue can be found here on the Native Instruments website.

If you have trouble locating earlier versions of Kontakt Player or you need further help with this issue, please submit a Tapspace support ticket.