Integrating Virtual Drumline in Sibelius 5 or higher can be achieved in a few different ways.


OPTION A: Purchase a pre-formatted template set (recommended)

To get up-and-running quickly, purchase a pre-madeVDL/Sibelius template set from a third party template developer. This product would contain a customized sound set for VDL, along with Sibelius files that contain VDL-formatted instruments so you can quickly load staves that are customized specifically for VDL. Please visit The Write Score for VDL templates. 

OPTION B: Build your own template set

To build your own template set, you'll need to create a VDL-specific sound set (or use/edit the one that comes with Sibelius) in conjunction with VDL-formatted instruments (in the Edit Instruments window in SIbelius). This will allow for Sibelius to automatically load your VDL sounds directly into Kontakt Player. You can build and edit these yourself using tools and features available from Sibelius. Given the size and breadth of VDL, this can be a pretty large task, so please be sure to carefully read the Sibelius documentation pertaining to these topics.

To create or edit Sibelius sound sets, you can use the Sound Set Editor application, available for free download from Sibelius. This essentially creates an .xml file which defines the various features found in each instrument of the Virtual Drumline library. Sibelius 5 and 6 ship with a pre-formatted VDL sound set to get you started, and you'll find this in the "Sounds" folder within Sibelius' preference files. If using the Sound Set Editor application is too slow for you, and your comfortable directly editing the .xml file, you can do that in a text editor program.

With your VDL Sound Set in place, you can create Instruments within Sibelius instruments for VDL using the Edit Instruments window (as well as customizing the percussion mapping in the Edit Staff Type window).


If you'd rather not work within the structure of Sibelius's Soundworld setup, you can explore the option of using Manual Sound Sets in Sibelius which would require manual assignment of MIDI channels and manual loading of each VDL instrument into the Kontakt Player.

Whether you choose to automatically or manually integrate your VDL library into Sibelius, these are features which can be learned about within the Sibelius Reference documentation. If these concepts are new to you, please allow yourself ample time to read the Sibelius documentation pertaining to these topics.

For help and information with Sibelius, please refer to the Sibelius documentation or visit the Sibelius Help Center.