Integrating Virtual Drumline in Finale 2010 or higher can be achieved in a few different ways.

OPTION A: Purchase a pre-formatted template set (recommended)

To get up-and-running quickly, purchase a pre-madeVDL/Finale template set from a third party template developer. This product would contain a customized set of percussion MIDI maps (XML files which define the various instruments for VDL), along with a Finale .mus file that contains VDL-formatted percussion mappings (and staff styles) so you can quickly load staves that are customized specifically for VDL. Please visit The Write Score for VDL templates. 

OPTION B: Build your own template set

To build your own template set, you'll need to create VDL-specific Percussion MIDI Maps (using Finale's Percussion MIDI Map Editor, or by directly editing the XML file it corresponds to). These Percussion MIDI Maps would be used in conjunction with VDL-formatted Percussion Layouts (percussion maps that are accessed/edited, and assigned via Finale's Staff Attributes window) which would be assigned to each staff. Given the size and breadth of VDL, this can be a pretty large task, so please be sure to carefully read the Finale documentation pertaining to these topics.

VDL instruments are loaded directly into Kontakt Player (which you'll load into Finale via the MIDI/Audio menu as a VST or Audio Unit playback device). MIDI input channels are assigned to each instrument within Kontakt Player - this tells Kontakt Player what channel it'll receive input from for each loaded instrument. Finale assigns MIDI output channels in the Instrument List window - this informs Finale to which channel it will send MIDI info for each staff in your score. Also in the Instrument List window is a column to assign a Percussion MIDI Map to each staff. These are the XML files (Percussion MIDI Maps) mentioned in above.

With these elements in place (Percussion MIDI Maps, Percussion Layouts) and proper assignments made (MIDI channel settings in Kontakt Player/ Instrument List, and corresponding Percussion MIDI Map in Instrument List) you can control the input functionality and appearance of every sound in VDL. This is, of course, just a cursory introduction to the topic of using customized percussion sounds in Finale.

For help and information with Finale and much more detailed information on these topics, please refer to the Finale documentation or visit the Finale Support Site.