Yes. As a Kontakt Player library, Virtual Drumline is fully supported within Sibelius 7.


Be sure to fully read the Sibelius 7 system requirements to ensure it will work on your computer. It does not run on Power PC Macs, nor does it support Windows XP.

If you're going to upgrade to Sibelius 7, we highly recommend you run Virtual Drumline in Kontakt 5 Player (available for free download here.)

We also recommend you update your VDL Library to the latest version.


If you are using an older VDL Template for Sibelius 6, the function of the templates should still work just fine. One important part of the templates, however, is the Sound Set (the .xml file that ships with the template). There may be a different location you need to place the .xml file for Sibelius to properly recognize it. For more information on implementing VDL Templates with Sibelius, please visit The Write Score - developers of VDL Templates.