Apple's move to Intel processors in their latest computers (MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, Intel Imac) is an exciting transition for Mac users. Ultimately it will result in huge speed improvements. However, these speed benefits will not be fully realized until the software being used is converted to "Universal Binary" format.

The older version of Virtual Drumline (VDL:2) is not universal and is only compatible with older Power PC Macs (G5 or G4). It's also important to understand that while many VDL:2 users have reported good results using VDL:2 in stand-alone mode using "Rosetta" (Apple's Power PC emulation layer), it will not be officially supported for the type of audio demands required by VDL:2.

Virtual Drumline 2.5 is fully compatible to run natively on Intel Macs. We recomend VDL:2 users  purchase a license to VDL 2.5.