To use VDL:2 as a plug-in in Finale or Sibelius, you must have the plug-in properly installed for Finale to see it.


Windows users will use the VST plug-in version of Virtual Drumline 2. The file name is VirtualDrumline2VST.dll and should be available if you installed the VST when you first installed VDL:2. Place a copy of this file in the FinaleVST folder.


Macintosh users will use the Audio Unit (AU) plug-in version of Virtual Drumline 2. If you installed the Audio Unit (AU) version when you first installed VDL:2, it should already be in place. If you're not sure, you can choose to install only the AU plugin from the VDL:2 installer disc. It will place the plug-in component in the proper location.

Once the plug-in has been properly installed, you should see it as an option where you access your plug-ins within Finale or Sibelius.

Note: Finale has only supported VST/AU plug-ins since version 2006 or later. Sibeluis supports VST/AU plug-ins since Sibelius 5 or later. Earlier versions of these software programs do not support plug-in hosting and required Virtual Drumline instruments to be accessed from a diferent host program or in standalone mode, which is a completely different method from plug-in hosting.

If you are using VDL:2, we highly recommend you update to Virtual Drumline 2.5.