If you would rather not use the Conduct installer application, or are having trouble with it and would rather download manually instead, we have facilitated the following "manual download" method. Keep in mind, downloading in this manner will significantly increase the time it will take to fully download your product, and may be more prone to download errors.

To download your files manually, go to this link.

Enter your download code contained in the email you received after purchasing the product. You will receive an email containing links to the various individual files for manual downloading. 

Be patient. There will be multiple .rar files and a .zip file to download and it's important that you let them FULLY download before doing anything. 

Once the files have completed downloading, you'll need to extract them from their compressed formats using one of several freely available utilities. We recommend using the latest version of The Unarchiver (for Mac) and WinRAR on Windows.

  1. First, extract the .zip file. You will end up with a folder called "Virtual Drumline."
  2. Next, extract the .rar files by opening the part1 file only. It will incorporate all the data from the other .rar files and you will end up with another folder called "Virtual Drumline-1."
  3. Lastly, you'll need to drag the Instruments folder (from the first folder) into the "Virtual Drumline 2.5" folder (found in the second set of files you extracted. This folder will ultimately be your working VDL folder and should look like this. If your folder is missing any of those files, you will likely experience problems with your library.
  4. Once you've verified that your library is working properly in Kontakt, you can delete the .rar and .zip files you downloaded.