A Virtual Drumline template from The Write Score (www.thewritescore.com, aka "TWS") is the best way to begin new projects in Sibelius or Finale. However, sometimes it may be necessary to add Virtual Drumline (VDL) instruments to a score that wasn't created using a TWS template. Below are some suggestions for adding VDL instruments to existing scores in both Sibelius and Finale.


Option 1: Add VDL instruments to existing Sibelius Score using House Styles

  1. Load the template file that was included in your TWS template purchase (e.g., VDL_Template_7.0a_Sib7.sib).
  2. Go to Appearance>House Style on the ribbon, and choose Export.  
  3. Choose a name for this House Style and click OK. This process will generate a new VDL-specific House Style with the same settings from the TWS template. 
  4. Close out the template file and open the score you'd like to add the VDL instruments to.
  5. At Appearance>House Style on the ribbon, choose Import, then navigate to the house style you exported in Step 4.
    (NOTE: Many other settings are contained within Sibelius house styles, such as font settings and Engraving Rule options, and these will also be imported. If these other settings pose a problem for the score in question, you can always create a copy of your TWS template file and configure it how you wish BEFORE exporting the house style. Consult your Sibelius documentation for more info on House Styles.)
  6. Save the score after selecting the new House Style.

The settings from the template should now be available in your score. The instrument category "VDL Template 7.0a" should now appear in the Add or Remove Instruments dialog (Home tab of the ribbon), and all the VDL instruments should appear under that category. 

Option 2: Add an existing score to a TWS template using the "Impose Sketch Onto Template" plugin 

Using this handy Sibelius plugin, a working musical structure can be added to the VDL template, allowing music from a colleague not using a VDL template to be pasted into your VDL template. The video below demonstrates how to use this plugin.


Add VDL Instruments to existing Finale score

  1. Open your score in Finale.
  2. Save the file under a new name to protect the original score.
  3. Under the File menu, choose Load Library.
  4. Navigate to the location where the Write Score Template Percussion Library file is stored (e.g., FIN14_VDL255_Percussion Library.lib). This file would have been included in the original TWS template purchase.
  5. Click Open to load the library file.
  6. Under the Window menu, choose ScoreManager.
  7. Add instruments to the score by clicking Add Instruments.
  8. Change the Device to "Kontakt" for each VDL instrument added to the score. 
  9. Click Edit Player and load the desired VDL instrument sample for each instrument. (Make sure to select MIDI channels for each instrument. Keep in mind that each bank will max out at 16 channels.)
  10. Select the corresponding Perc MIDI Map from the drop-down menu. (If VDL 255 options are not listed, check to see if the Write Score XML files have been placed in the location mentioned in the template directions.)
  11. Under Notation Style, change all non-melodic VDL instruments to Percussion.
  12. Click Settings and select the corresponding Percussion Layout Selection.