On October 25, 2021 Apple released its new operating system, macOS 12 (code-named "Monterey").

It usually takes third party software developers some time to bring their applications up to date in order to be fully compatible with new operating systems. We strongly recommend that you always check with the developers of any critical applications you rely on to be certain they are compatible before upgrading to a new OS. 

Kontakt Player version 6.7 (or greater) is compatible with macOS Monterey.  As long as you're using that version Native Instruments (the makers of Kontakt, the application that houses the Virtual Drumline sample library) have validated compatibility. 

As well, the development teams behind the notation programs Sibelius, Finale, and Dorico are also advising caution and patience before updating to Monterey before they've had a chance to update their applications. See below for direct link to these developers.

It is extremely important to verify that each program you rely on will be compatible with the new OS before you upgrade. See point #2 below for some quick links to commonly used programs crucial to many VDL users.

If you are a Mac user, here are some good general tips:

1. Turn off Auto Updates on your Mac (this can be found at System Preferences>Software Update).

2. Keep track of the Monterey compatibility status with software you rely on